3 Shocking Consequences of Not Properly Backing Up Your Data

It's no surprise that business owners underestimate the importance of backing up their organizations data. 

"Nothing will ever happen! Its fine!" 

"My data is already safe. Its on my computer!"

But what are the consequences of not backing up your data properly, or not at all?

3) Bank Breaking Lawsuits

Image by Sebastian Herrmann

"What? How can I get sued if my data disappears?"

You're opening a huge can of worms that can potentially put your business in the grave if hackers steal your private data, or if that data is gone forever due to equipment malfunctions.

The average cost per data breach in the U.S is $5.85 Million.

Can you afford a giant legal battle or settlement because data fell into the hands of the wrong people due to lazy data storage?

Source: https://www.mvalaw.com/alert-The-typical-data-breach-lawsuit-and-how-to-protect-your-company

3) Bank Breaking Lawsuits