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Over-Spending On Your I.T Department?

Covid has been a massive kick in the behind for most small businesses. If you weren't dealt a fatal blow, you may be struggling. 

If you had commercial office space, It's now a ghost town. No busy workers in their cubicles. 

You may have had to lay-off workers in order to keep afloat. 

Or perhaps you haven't been affected and you're doing better than ever, and want to cut costs.

Every business needs a sophisticated managed service provider.

How Can We Help?

One of the biggest hurdles of satisfying your I.T needs boils down to cost & convenience

You have a vendor for the network, desktop support, your cloud storage (if you're using it), etc.

It all adds up and hurts your margins while creating a logistical nightmare. 

Consolidating all of your I.T needs into one package will save you money in the long run, and make the process a whole heck of a lot easier to facilitate.

We take the guesswork out of building an I.T Department for your business. You pay a single fee, and receive your department! 

What Services Do You Provide?

Network Management & Monitoring

Office 365 / Google Suite Support

Help Desk Support

Computer & Printer Support

Hardware/Software Procurement & Support


I.T Security

Why Do I Need AN MSP?

Decrease Overhead 

Maximize Resources

No Unforseen Costs Due To Disasters

Comprehensive Reporting

How Much Money Can I Save With An MSP

If you were to hire 5 I.T staff members in-house.. you'd be spending upwards of $4,000+/month per employee. 

You're spending $400,000+/year in salaries. 

Hiring an MSP costs as much as one employee, and also provides you with a full department. You're basically receiving a department for the price of one!


Better yet... 

You don't have to train, or manage them since that's our responsibility!

You can allocate the money you would have spent on staffing, and invest it into growing your business. 

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