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5 Ways To Increase Productivity When Working From Home

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

As we try to cope with this pandemic, most corporations are sending their staff home. We have to figure out a way to adjust to a new work environment. Keep reading as I share some tips that will help you focus at home.

1) Start The Day Right.

Don't sacrifice your morning routine just because you don't have to go to the office. If you used to go for a run, walk the dog, do some yoga..

Giving those activities up in favor of more sleep will contribute to complacency. You don't want to be groggy, sleepy, and feeling like a slob when you're supposed to be working.

Make yourself a healthy breakfast, and stick to your morning routine.


2) Create The Optimal Environment.

A huge benefit of WFH is that you get to escape being stuck inside a cubicle. This also draws some complications since your space most likely isn't designed to keep you as productive as you can be..

If you have kids, dogs, maybe even a ferret... you are highly prone to distractions. With your kids taking online classes... you can't get away from them!

You need to create a designated workspace free of anything that will put you off their game.

  • Get some noise cancelling headphones to drown out barking dogs, and screaming kids.

  • Set up in an area with nice natural light so you don't feel like you're trapped in prison.

  • Get a desk and ergonomic office chair (working from a bed or couch will make you lazy).

  • Make this space your OFFICE. Your brain will associate that this spot means WORK.

You could also step away from home and work in a coffee shop if you want a change of scenery. There's something relaxing about being in a quaint cafe with their relaxing background music.


3) Dress For Success

We all want to lounge in our underwear all day since nobody will see us...

However.. we still need to dress to impress. If you dress like a slob, you'll feel like a slob - ironically I'm dressed as a slob as I type this.

The reason that we need to dress as if we're in the office is because we'll be more motivated to get stuff done. If you're sitting at your desk if you haven't showered for a week, your hair looks like the burgler from Home Alone after getting electrocuted by Kevin McCallister...

You aren't going to perform optimally.

Do your hair, put on your work outfit, and get motivated to work!

You can put on your sweats once you clock out.


4) Stick To A Schedule

It's hard to stick to a solid schedule if you're at home..

The temptations to watch Netflix... Youtube.. and browse Reddit is all too strong.

You don't want to slack off.. but you also don't want to be a robot. Block out time for breaks so you don't want to curl up into a ball from stress.

You could block out 30 minutes to go on a quick run, walk the dog, yoga, or something else to keep you mentally acute. If you work for 8 straight hours.. you're going to go insane! Especially if you're at home with no socialization. You NEED to get out of the office to recharge.


5) Optimize Your Workflow

If your work blocks any form of social media (Facebook, YouTube etc..) so nobody gets distracted...

You won't have that luxury at home. You need to resist the urge to keep hitting refresh on Facebook etc.

Here's a cool tool that can block certain sites for a certain amount of time. This will ensure that you're staying focused.

StayFocused is a free Chrome extension that will block distracting apps & sites.


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